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Our Mission

Most people don’t want to be sick or go through life with mediocre health. We provide them with personalized health education and essential oil products that are safe, effective, and natural - so they can feel better than ever and do what they want with their lives.

Our Vision

We are creating a team of people who help others with their health.


Team Simply Free is exploding to a community of 5,000 oil superstars that are experiencing health freedom by 2021. We’re the secret ninjas a part of disrupting the healthcare industry with these awesome drops, one winner at a time. We celebrate everyone’s contributions because we believe everyone has something to offer. We are here to help our bomb dot com business team members reach their dreams of time and financial freedom. Through personal relationships and Oils of the Bible Classes, we desire to help others find spiritual freedom that’s only found through Jesus, who is the real master Wellness Advocate and oil creator.

Our Core Values


Because it creates clarity


Because everyone should know all of their health options


Because it's the right thing.


Because we believe everyone has something to offer that can help others


Because we believe we should do what we say we will

Remarkable Customer Experience

Because we don't just sell products, we create moments for our customers that will last a lifetime

Be the CHAMPION of your future

with a business that makes an impact!

Why partner with dōTERRA?


Is this right for you

How many of these statements apply to you?

"I love people and want to make a lasting impact"​

"I care about my health and want to help others"​

"I want to be on a FUN team with great culture!"​

"I want the time & financial benefits of owning a business, but without any crazy startup costs"​

"I want a business that creates residual income"​

"I’m a self-starter and have great work ethic"​

"I’m passionate about helping others overcome obstacles and grow into their full potential"​

"One or more apply to me… now what?"



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