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Essential Oils


Most moms want to do a better job taking care of their health and their family’s health. They want products that are safe, natural and actually work. And that is why millions of moms all over the world are turning to doTERRA essential oils - because they provide just that. So you can have peace of mind knowing you're using a safe and natural product that helps you and your family live a happy, healthy and thriving life!

What are essential oils?

"Mom-Talk" answer: a completely natural part of a plant that will support your body in amazing ways!

Detailed answer: 

Essential oils are just parts of plants with amazing health benefits. That’s it. And because our bodies are designed to process plants, when it sees an essential oil - it knows just what to do with it!

"Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties."

Dr. Josh Axe 


Pictured below (left) is a peppermint leaf; to the right is a peppermint leaf under a microscope. That little white blob is the essential oil sac sitting on the leaf. The aromatic compounds inside the little sac is what the plant uses to protect itself and thrive. We get those same benefits when we use the plant’s essential oils too!


How do I use essential oils?

"Mom-Talk" answer: just get them ON, IN and AROUND you and your kids!

Detailed answer: 

There are three ways to use essential oils: Aromatically, Topically, and Internally

(This information is for doTERRA essential oils only! Find out why here)

Using oils “aromatically” just means that you breathe them in. You can do this by placing a few drops of oil in a diffuser which will clean the air as well as support your mood and environment. You can also just put a drop in your hand and hold it up to your nose and breathe it in. You can even just breathe it in straight from the bottle.


This is not just for a “nice smell” - while most oils do smell absolutely amazing, the therapeutic oil molecules can go into your nose and pass into the limbic system in as little as 30 seconds! This will affect your whole body in positive ways.


Using oils “topically” means that you put them on your skin. The "rule of thumb" is to put them as close to the area of need as possible. So if your child has an upset tummy - you can rub the oils right on their stomach and provide great relief; if your head is pounding and tense - you can rub oils right on your forehead, temples and back of your neck to release the tension and feel back to normal.

(When it comes to the kiddos or those with sensitive skin or health issues you’ll want to dilute the oils with fractionated coconut oil (or another carrier oil) to avoid any irritation. And there are some oils (like oregano and cinnamon, among others) that you want to dilute for everyone since they can feel “hot” when applied topically. This doesn’t change the effectiveness, it just takes a little longer to absorb.)

Using oils “internally” means you swallow them - either dropping them right into your mouth, drinking them in a glass of water or putting them in an empty pill capsule. Because of doTERRA’s quality and standards it is entirely safe to ingest them, unlike other brands.


Science continues to evolve, showing us that taking oils internally is a unique and powerful delivery system. They can affect virtually every body system, organ and cell. Some favorite areas to target are the gut, urinary, respiratory, reproductive health and working with the skin from the inside out. (These are topics we cover in our continuing education classes for our customers.)

Why doTERRA?

"Mom-Talk" answer: they are hands down the purest, best quality essential oil available - keeping your family safe and ensuring the results you’re looking for!

Detailed answer: 

All essential oils are NOT created equal. And when it comes to your health and your family’s health - safety matters. Results matter too. In an industry that is full of misleading labels, fillers and synthetics, knowing the quality and purity of your essential oils is crucial. Unfortunately that is NOT information you can find just by looking at the label. That is why doTERRA is committed to only offering truly pure, safe and effective essential oils.

"Nothing has mattered more to doTERRA than providing pure, safe and effective essential oils."

Corey Lindley 

Founding Executive, CFO


With stringent inhouse and third party testing they guarantee that no foreign contaminants or fillers exist in their essential oils - this is a standard that exceeds organic labeling requirements. Quality and purity matter when it comes to essential oils and our health. Here at Natural Health for Moms we only recommend to you what we use in our own family and that's why, when it comes to essential oils, doTERRA is the only brand we use, trust and recommend.


Emily Wright, founding executive on a trip to Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes. Nepal is the primary source for doTERRA's Wintergreen and Spikenard.

doTERRA is also more than an essential oil company. They are determined and passionate about doing as much good in the world as possible. That is why they go through great lengths to make sure their oils are sourced responsibly and sustainably. They partner with farmers all over the world, including third world countries and are making an impact in communities. They use non-profit funds to meet various needs of the farmers and their communities - like building schools and hospitals as well as digging wells for clean water. So you can know that when you buy doTERRA essential oils for your family, you’re having an even greater impact on the world.

Why doTERRA?

How do I get doTERRA essential oils?

"Mom-Talk" answer: get a starter kit - it's the most cost effective way to get started and will give you a variety of products.

Detailed answer: 

There are three ways to buy doTERRA oils: retail, wholesale or below wholesale.

Retail: This is, of course, the most expensive way to buy them and is more typical in a retail setting for someone making a one-time purchase.

Wholesale: This is similar to a Costco annual membership, where you get access to great products at lower prices. With doTERRA, a wholesale membership ($35) allows you to purchase at 25% below retail for a whole year.

Below Wholesale: This is the smartest way to purchase your oils. doTERRA creates kits that are cheaper than buying essential oils individually. doTERRA does research to know exactly what combination of products will work best and then offers starter kits. These starter kits offer a deep discount on the products and also include your wholesale membership completely free. When you purchase a kit you are getting started at pricing below wholesale right away, saving even more.

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