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Some moments in life change everything. For Joy, one of those moments was when she first discovered the world of living a “natural lifestyle” - the food she was eating, the ingredients in products she was using and her approach to living a happy, healthy and thriving life. Understanding this world was the key to unlocking the confusion and discouragement she felt around being healthy.


What she found was that living a natural lifestyle was more life-giving, freeing and helpful than she ever knew. She didn't want to keep it all to herself so started discovering ways to help others experience the joy, freedom and vibrancy that comes from living a natural lifestyle. For the last 9 years, Joy has spent her time helping hundreds of people do just that. 


Joy has spent countless hours learning, listening and studying natural health and natural products to be able to better take care of herself and her family as well as help other moms better care for their families. Her pursuit of natural living catapulted when she experienced doTERRA essential oils and discovered products that gave her maximized results with the purest ingredients. Joy is a Certified Essential Oil Specialist and has taught essential oil and natural health classes all over the country, including doctors offices, health food stores, and even a hospital. 


Joy is married to her husband, Dustin, and they have two boys.

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