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Most moms don’t realize that what goes on their bodies ends up going into their bodies. Our skin is our largest organ and what we put on it matters. Rather than pilling on synthetic and harmful toxins, make the easy switch to products that are natural and beneficial for your body. Your skin, hormones and stress levels will thank you! You can have peace of mind knowing you’re using safe products for your family and everyone will feel better, have radiant skin and be healthier overall!

What you put ON your body MATTERS

The best natural toothpaste you can find!

  • Fluoride-free (that's a good thing!)

  • Helps preserve the teeth enamel's original composition

  • Leaves your breath cinnamon-minty fresh :)

Immune-boosting, mouth-cleaning, natural mouthwash that will leave your mouth fresh and clean.

  • Alcohol and dye free

  • Miswak extract reduces excessive plaque buildup

  • Natural ingredients that freshen breath, strengthen teeth and brighten your smile


Safe, natural deodorant infused with doTERRA essential oils.

  • Aluminum, paraben, phthalate and talc free

  • Actively protects against odor and absorbs moisture

  • Long lasting freshness that is safe!

  • Sensitive option available (baking soda free) 

This shampoo cleans and revitalizes your hair, giving you a healthy scalp and restoring your hair's natural body and shine.

  • Quinoa protein helps strengthen and protect

  • Safe for color treated hair

  • Formulated to use every day

  • Sulfate, silicone and paraben free

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Every kind of hair looks and feels healthier with doTERRA's Daily Conditioner - it is nurturing and nourishing for all hair types. 

  • Leaves hair hydrated, soft, shiny and full of life

  • Safe for color treated hair

  • Free from sulfates, silicones, phthalates and parabens

This leave-in conditioner is lightweight with nutrients and natural ingredients to help revive your hair. 

  • Locks in moisture, detangles, softens and protects hair

  • No silicones or phenoxyethanol

  • Protects hair from heat styling

  • Easy to use spray bottle


This gel cleanser provides a perfect natural foaming action that glides across the skin without stripping the skin of it's natural oils

  • Leaves skin clean, smooth and fresh

  • Refreshing and uplifting

  • Natural surfactants that gently clean with out irritating the skin

One-of-a-kind bath bar that provides a unique feel, lather, aroma and cleansing experience. 

  • Leaves skin clean, smooth and soft

  • Jojoba seed oil, vegetable-derived glycerin and aloe vera juice moisturize your skin

  • Smells amazing


Fragrance free natural lotion that smooths and softens skin

  • Unscented - perfect for creating your own customizable scent with your favorite essential oils

  • Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly

  • Ideal for both hands and body

Designed to meet all your anti-aging and skin care needs in one easy kit.

  • Help your skin feel and look young, healthy and gorgeous

  • Products full of the best, natural cutting edge technology

  • Carefully selected essential oils added in generous proportions in each product


An exclusive system of natural skin care products that nourish and hydrate skin and reduce the visible signs of aging. 

  • Made with the highest quality and completely pure ingredients

  • Promotes a smooth, resilient and glowing complexion

  • Kit includes cleanser, toner, hydrating serum and moisturizer

Hands down the best natural lip balm you will find!

  • Leaves your lips moisturized and soft

  • Smells (and tastes) great!

  • 3 natural flavors available

Be well equipped and save the most money by getting started with a Starter Kit!

You can always add specific products onto the kit to meet your personalized needs.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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